The jewel on the Red Sea

    Over the years, no Saudi city has been more open to outside influencers such as traders, international artists and Makkah-bound pilgrims than the ancient port of Jeddah. Indeed, the city’s unofficial motto is “Jeddah ghair,” or “Jeddah’s different.” Today, Jeddah is Saudi Arabia’s buzzing cosmopolitan hub, home to gleaming hotels and big-ticket events like the Red Sea International Film Festival, which takes place in late winter.

    The city’s heart is still intact in Al Balad, the magical historical quarter that has undergone a renaissance in recent years. And the Red Sea is still central to it all — for trade, for diving among pristine reefs, and for fishing for Jeddah’s legendary seafood. The city where Eve was laid to rest (according to local lore) is a beguiling mix of old and new, and one that remains gloriously different.

    6 Things to do in Jeddah in a day

    Visit the Tayebat Museum

    For a fascinating look into Jeddah’s cosmopolitan past.

    Explore Fakieh Aquarium

    Come face-to-face with some of the Red Sea’s oddities.

    King Fahd’s Fountain

    At 312-meters high, it is the world’s tallest fountain.

    The Souqs of Jeddah

    Explore the nooks and alleyways of local shops.

    Savour the flavours of Arabia

    Indulge in the multicultural flavors of Hejazi cuisine.

    Discover Al Balad

    The Kingdom’s most evocative historical quarter.

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    Day Trips

    Beyond Jeddah

    Are you staying in Jeddah for longer and looking for some unforgettable adventures that will take your experience the extra mile? You won’t want to miss these 4 day trips that are short car ride away.

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