Since its debut in December 2021, it has been clear that the FORMULA 1 STC SAUDI ARABIAN GRAND PRIX is more than just a race. Indeed, in Jeddah the party does not stop on the racetrack as the home of F1 in Saudi Arabia also hosts some of the year’s biggest concerts across the weekend to ensure that experience an adrenaline rush like no other on and off track.

The previous three races have seen some of the world’s biggest music acts keep the party going long after the last engine has died down, with chart topping sensations such as Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo DJ David Guetta, Charlie Puth, Travs Scott, Calvin Harris the Black Eyed peas and Chris Brown performing to sell-out crowds on the circuit’s Main Stage after the racing action had ended. 

There will be no slowing down in 2024 either, with A-listers Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams and Martin Garrix already confirmed to preform and more big-name acts set to be announced very soon!


A ticket to the FORMULA 1 STC SAUDI ARABIAN GRAND PRIX F1 is more than just a pass to the world’s premier racing series. Indeed, it guarantees access to each of the nightly post-racing headline concerts featuring some of the biggest names in world music today. In addition, there are a wide variety of leisure activates on offer for all the family across the circuit’s many Fan Zones. There is something for all hardcore F1 fans as well as the casual adventure seekers over three incredible days at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.

The Fan Zones will be filled with special activations for thrill chasers including F1 Simulators and pods, Virtual Reality pit stops, 3D photo booths, speed light tunnels, a Cotton Candy Land, speed swings, Batak (reaction) walls, Crazy Karts, a real life Aquarium, a kid’s garage for the junior mechanics in the audience and much, much more.

At the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, there is something for everyone in the family. Whether you are thrill-seeker or a fun-seeker, young or old, your ticket to the FORMULA 1 STC SAUDI ARABIAN GRAND PRIX F1 has you covered! 



The great city of Jeddah is the perfect host for Formula 1 - a warm, welcoming, and historic city that is infused with a deep, rich culture and heritage and whose progressive urban development showcases all that is great about the new, modern Saudi Arabia. In a short space of time it has become a hub for major entertainment events and the FORMULA 1 STC SAUDI ARABIAN GRAND PRIX is no different!  In addition to the nightly concerts by global superstar acts, the F1 weekend on the shores of the Red Sea is a non-stop hive of live action, ensuring that fans are entertained at all times, even when there is a break in the on-track action. 

Whether it be the race, the Saudi Falcons' aerobatic shows, drone shows, vibrant circus acts, drum dance routines, and numerous live performances by local artists, the weekend is packed with live entertainment options that guarantee enjoyable moments for you and your family. These experiences will create lasting memories that remain with you well beyond the moment the final car passes the finish line.

Sensory Overload

One of the things that surprises spectators most when they experience Formula 1 for the first time is the overwhelming assault on their senses.

From the smell of super-heated disc-brakes, burning rubber and high-octane fuel to the ear-splitting whine of the 800 horsepower turbo-charged engines as they flash past at speeds in excess of 250km/h.

Learn to speak F1®

Watch any grand prix and you'll notice a vast array of jargon being used by drivers, race engineers and commentators. Even avid fans can have trouble understanding all of F1's technical terms.

A little understanding goes a long way, so this glossary of common phrases should bring you right up to speed with the technical terms of F1.

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# The Anatomy of an F1® Car

In the quest for speed an F1 team's factory never stands still, working year-round to improve every part of the car from the front wing to the diffuser, coming up with increasingly complex designs to find the edge. The finer points of how an F1 car works can be hard to graps. But with simple explanations of the key areas, anyone can understand the bascis of what goes into marking an F1 car fast.

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